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About us
New age company
We create in the present for future
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Scalable production
New embodiment of Energy
Production of various energy storage devices with a total capacity of 6 MW*h per year
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In-house research laboratory
R&D in energy, innovative composites and general chemistry
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The embodiment of energy and power in our products
Symmetric Ultracapacitor
Classic double layer for maximum power
Asymmetric Ultracapacitor
Symbiosis of the “classics” and the Faraday effect as a compromise between power and energy
High power lithium-ion battery
One of the best power storage cells
High energy lithium-ion battery
Energy storage and return equal to that of the world’s leading counterparts
Fields of application
We are ready to solve the tasks set for us and satisfy the high requirements of the customers from various fields of activity for innovative implementation into industry
Energy storage device for electric cars
Energy storage device for electric buses
Buffer storage system for solar batteries
Energy storage and recovery for underground railway and railway transport
Buffer storage system for wind turbines
Hybrid or combined storage device for warehouse vehicles
About company
Global SO LLC is a private innovative company with the full cycle in-house production, developing science and embodying scientific potential since 2010  
Our scope of activity includes modern carbon nano, physics, chemistry, electrochemistry.

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Our experienced close-knit team includes D.Scs (Physics/Chemistry) and PhDs 01
In-house research laboratory 02
Scientific and applied cooperation widely throughout Russia 03
Impeccable reputation from the foundation to the present 04
Scalable production technologies 05
Our timeline
The beginning of the activity, the preparation in a short period of time (less than six months) of the facilities and equipment and the creation of the company team.
Expansion of cooperation with leading research and industry organizations.
Completion of the development of in-house technology for the production of carbon nanomaterials.
Completion of the development of a double layer ultracapacitor production technology with characteristics on the level of the world’s leading analogues.
Completion of the development of technology for the production of asymmetric electrochemical energy storage device; carrying out research work on the extraction of rare earth metals, and research work on the creation of composites using nanomaterials.
Completion of the development of in-house technology for the production of lithium-ion batteries; creation of a universal process chain for the production of various electrochemical energy storage devices on a single production line.
Commissioning of a unified experimental process line for the production of energy storage devices with a total capacity of 6 MW*h per year.
Development of promising lithium-ion storage cells with a specific energy over 300 W*h/kg; scaling of in-house production capacity up to 2-5 GW*h per year; development of individual solutions for customer requirements.
Our production
Our production line manufactures 5 000 energy storage devices with a total capacity of 6 MW*h per year
Electric Power in Motion
Rare Earth Multiverse
Liquid, Synthetic - Hydrocarbons
Fuel Cells - Hydrogen
Carbon Nano
Our partners - leading scientific academic and applied institutes and universities in Russia and Singapore, private and state enterprises.
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