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Full cycle in-house production

Line equipment includes state-of-the-art units designed for preparation of electrode mixtures, application, forming, and drying of electrode layers, winding of sections, welding of current leads and soldering of housings, factory tests.

One process equipment can produce energy storage devices with a wide range of applications.

Our products include symmetric and asymmetric ultracapacitors, higher power and high-energy batteries, hybrid and combined systems based on in-house storage batteries and ultracapacitors. Production is ready to scale up to a plant of 2-5 GW*hours per year.

We can compete with leading manufacturers of electrochemical storage devices such as Maxwell Technologies, Kemet, IOXUS, TaiyoYuden, Jianghai, JM Energy, Toshiba, A123, LiPol Battery Co. Ltd., HECO New Energy, Panasonic, CATL.

70 pcs.
number of production equipment units
6-15 MW*h per year
capacity of the electrochemical storage device production line
4 types
of different products on the same production line
Production cycle including:
Electrode production
Electrode and separator cutting
Lead welding
Section winding
Section impregnation
Section sealing
Manufactured products
Carbon - carbon symmetric ultracapacitors
Asymmetric ultracapacitors with a mixed energy storage mechanism
High energy lithium-ion batteries
High power lithium-ion batteries